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Ron Paul

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The U.S. Congressman from Texas serving since 1997 and currently a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination.
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ENG: Ronald Ernest Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American medical doctor, author, Republican U.S. Congressman of the House of Representatives and candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination. Paul is currently the U.S. Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, which comprises the area south and southwest of the Greater Houston region, including Galveston. Paul serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Joint Economic Committee, and the House Committee on Financial Services, and is Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, where he has been an outspoken critic of current American foreign and monetary policy. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Paul is a graduate of Gettysburg ...
pro9proti   Ron has bright thoughts, It is my favorite politician, a3
pro5proti   ...So how will he garnish the votes of the mindless lemming majority that believes everything they are told to believe by the mainstream newspeak! DON'T COMMIT A THOUGHTCRIME!, bschrack1
pro5proti   And he isn't sponsored by a big enough special interest group, or national (bailed out) bank, to be able to buy himself positive media attention..., bschrack1
pro1proti   He's very scary. He believes we don't need any government or laws...Can you imagine?, sudiestan
pro0proti   Ron Paul does not have to president to change the american system he is a congressman all he has to is introduce bill in the house to change whatever Ron Paul is a hypocrite., micahbronkell
pro0proti   Stan Laurel!, SEPP
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10 Reasons why Ron Paul is Good Choice

1. Dr. Paul's old-fashioned decency, integrity, honor and real-life experience are exactly what our country needs after hiring actors, puppets, oil and other group-connected slick sales men and marketers. He's been married to the same woman, Carol, for 54 years (married 1957).  2. Dr. Paul will bring practical wisdom, cut spending, balance the budget, stabilize the economy and probably be able to do away with the IRS and income tax, a tax that is not constitutional and was started to fund the civil war and supposed to stop after the civil war. He wants to abolish the U.S. Department of ...

Ron Paul goes toward White House campaign

Ron Paul moves one step closer to a long-shot presidential bid. He announces the formation of an exploratory committee in Iowa.The Texas congressman confirmed his plans Monday night on Fox News. A Paul source told POLITICO that he'll also roll out his campaign team for the first-in-the-nation caucus state. Paul's libertarian stands during the 2008 campaign have become the inspiration for much of what the new Republican majority in the House has pushed — and may have been a spark that helped ignite the tea party movement.If he eventually enters the race, Paul will have a direct claim to ...

Ron Paul about The Future Of The Federal Reserve

Congressman Paul about his unique perspective and why the Fed is controversial again.Me: Do you think the Fed is the main culprit behind the current economic crisis? Paul: I don't believe you can have financial bubbles without artificially expanding the supply of money and credit, and only the Fed can do that in collusion with the banks, who can operate under fractional reserve banking. So that's where the financial bubbles come from, whether it's housing or the stock market or the bond market. That's the source of the bubble, and that's what has to be addressed, and yet the Fed has been able ...

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Ron Paul 2013 LPAC Speech
On Friday, September 20th, Dr. Paul spoke at the Liberty Political Action Conference.  Below is the speech  
Ron Paul to Speak in Utah
On Thursday, October 18, Congressman Paul will speak on the campus of Utah Valley University from 1:30 – 2:30pm. The speech will be in the Grand Ballroom of the Sorensen Student Center at 800 West University Parkway in Orem, Utah. For tickets to the event, click here: http://ronpaulatuvu.eventbrite.com/   View Larger Map
Ron Paul’s Farewell to Congress
You can view Ron Paul’s farewell to congress speech here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q03cWio-zjk&feature=youtu.be
Ron Paul 2014 Endorsements
The courage and commitment Ron Paul has shown in upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution is also alive and well in the hearts of many other candidates seeking office in America today. The work of Liberty PAC is to assist these candidates and to recruit others in order to elect more freedom-loving people like Ron […]

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