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Popularidad Cuba

Obama's Cold War with Cuba: the fuel Fidel needed‎

Popularidad Cuba, I like 82%


President Obama, by saying this week that he's looking for a transformation in Cuba before 'fully engaging,' ignores actual changes in Cuba and hurts US-Cuban relations, argues guest blogger Anya Landau French.   

President Barack Obama said Wednesday he's looking for a transformation on the island before "fully engaging" Cuba. His remarks actually complete something of a transformation for Mr. Obama, who went from saying this on one campaign trail, to saying this on the next campaign trail, to now saying stuff like this:

"Everywhere else in the world you've been seeing the democratization movement pressing forward . . . The time has come for the same thing to happen in Cuba."

"What we've tried to do is send a signal is that we are open to a new relationship with Cuba ifthe Cuban government starts taking the proper steps . . . "

Such as?

"Following through on releasing political prisoners . . . "

Just not the ones released in 2010 and 2011 as a result of talks with the Catholic Church and the Spanish government?

"We're prepared to show flexibility and not be stuck in a Cold War mentality dating back to when I was born . . . " but, " . . . So far we haven't seen the kind of genuine transformation of spirit inside of Cuba that would justify us eliminating the embargo."



By Anya Landau French



September 30, 2011

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