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Populaarsus Eesti

Estonia = euro, bears and beer ‎

Populaarsus Eesti, Mulle meeldib 63%


If you ask a simple German today what he associates Estonia with, then the answer is probably euro. At least it seems to be the case in Grüne Woche, the world’s largest food fair where Estonia has its own 100 square metre show area. Instead of euros, Estonians working at the fair are trying to attract visitors by offering them beer, fish, bear meat and elk sausage. Estonia = euro, bears and beer.


As Roomet Sõrmus from the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and the main organizer of Estonia’s display says, Grüne Woche today is more a political tradefair where countries present them through food. Everything can be tasted and chances are that if it is liked, the person may soon visit the country in person.


Although A Le Coq beer served in the Estonian area costs 3 euros a glass, Estonians seem to be more popular than the Lithuanians who are offering beer in a log-house.


One of the exhibitors in the Estonian stand is Volker Röwer, a German who is promoting Estonia’s rural tourism. Röwer has lived in Estonia for 14 years and expects a very good tourism summer since the improving economy has made Germans spend more money. “German media has done a very good job. Estonia is in the news almost on a daily basis and this has made Germans pay attention to Estonia,” he says.


Toomas Hõbemägi





Source: balticbusinessnews.com


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