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Jacques Chirac

Foreign Policy: why is Obama writing to Jacques Chirac?

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It is amazing what people will do to discredit newly elected President Obama. If one were to reflect on the headline, one would assume that President Obama picked up his pen and said to himself: 'I think I'm going to write to Jacques Chirac, just so I can annoy and undermine President Sarkozy'. So, you'd hope that by reading further into the article, there would be some clarification.


Chirac now heads his own foundation, not unlike Bill Clinton, whose objective is sustainable development and dialogue between cultures, a subject close to Obama's heart. In his response to Chirac, Obama indicated that he was sure that they could collaborate in the next four years in the spirit of peace and amity, in order to build a more secure world.

Does Mark Ipomeni really think that President Obama does not know who currenlty heads the French nation? He talks about the administration's lack of time to address foreign policy courtesies as if he really understood protocol. There is nothing wrong with what just transpired. It would have been a bigger gaffe had Obama not responded to Chirac's letter. The article written was meant to embarrass the president, but I'm afraid I have to say that Ipomeni should be embarrassed because he did not research his article adequately. The response to his words is probably exactly the desired reaction he sought. The American public does not bother to check facts.

Someone has to.


Aimee Kligman

March 23, 11:01 PM



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